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Re: Chat Thread ~May 5th - May 11th

Originally Posted by USNsis View Post
Yeah, DD nurses constantly too. Is yours actively nursing, or just self-soothing? I had to start doing compressions with her.
Some is self-soothing but mostly actively nursing. I've tried sneaking her a pacifier when she's just nursing to sooth and I'd like to get up but she hates it. Spits it out and screams until I help her latch on again. I've been doing compressions but it really doesn't seem to help her nurse any quicker. I was suspecting she's taking so long to eat because of her tongue tie? I really don't know. Surely as her latch gets better she'll become more efficient and will be able to nurse faster. I'm not really complaining though...we've worked so hard to get to this point. I just need her speed it up a bit now....M still needs me too. If I had help it'd be different. DH works from about 11am -10pm most days/nights.
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