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Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
I have the Target button nursing camis too The crossover shirt I posted isn't the built in bra one that's over there. I'm up to a 34H/36G so I need REAL bras whenever I leave the house...

I get about 2-4 oz per breast when pumping currently, which is about what they eat in a feeding. You'll pump more when they eat more, and of course be constantly replenishing your stash. I usually only have an extra day or twos worth, but I have NO trouble pumping either

My girls stayed in OS diapers til PLing, but my problem with leaky diapers on Alie is in newborn ones! Stick thighs!

Alie has a lot of trouble holding in a pacifier too, isn't that another tongue tie symptom??
Shucks about the shirts! I actually won't wear that shirt out of the house... it feels to revealing. But I love it as a house shirt!

I have read that about tongue ties. Nate won't keep his in but I think its because of his bubble palate. I don't think he has a tie.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post

That reminded me of the photo I took of Luke nursing. He's like 'mine!!! Muah ha ha!!'u
He he he! Silly boy!
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