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Losing weight and breastfeeding

My little guy is 3.5 months old now and I am sick of the weight. I was very thin before pregnancy but gained a LOT of weight. More than in any pregnancy yet. I don't fit in any of my old clothes and just feel so icky in clothing. I recently cut down on my eating but when I pump at work I am not getting as much milk. I was getting more than he needed. I went from about 21 ounces in a 12 hour shift to maybe 15 last night. Last night was a bad night though and I was really busy so couldn't pump as often. The night before that I think it was 17 ounces. So down 4 ounces. I am drinking lots of water and I am keeping to the minimum calories recommended for a breastfeeding woman. What can I do to boost supply besides eating more?
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