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Re: Asking U/S tech to write down sex instead of telling you?

Just throwing this out there: Not everyone wants to have a bajillion phone calls, or make them, to tell people the sex. Get togethers can be convenient

That said, ex-df and I did it with DS1. I would not suggest it if you are very invested in it being a certain way. For example, I had it stuck in my head DS1 was a girl. Dreamed girl, felt girl, looked at girl stuff, had a girl name picked out, etc. Huge gender disappointment moment. Had I not accidentally seen his penis on the U/S, I would've broken down with our family rather than in the parking lot and on the hour and half drive home.

We had planned on having the picture sealed, give it to the bakery, have them make up a boyish or girlish cake, put it in a box, and open it with our parents, his grandmother, his sister and his ODS. Seeing as how we knew, and it was emotional for me, we still did the cake and then pretended for them. They were very excited, and it was nice overall.
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