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Re: Chronically Unhappy 5 Year Old....

Originally Posted by MakingHome View Post
Honestly? She is this way because you put up with it. She is not that way at school because she can not get away with it there.

She should not be able to be rude to siblings. "In our home we speak kindly to each other and you will not talk to my daughter that way again, do you understand?"

She needs you to discipline and teach her what is right, which, it sounds like, (for a time) will be moment by moment thing from the time she wakes up. "Does mama grump aroun and stomp around all morning, demanding everyone do things my way or else? No of course not and you shouldn't either. Now straighten up your face and stop grumping." Then see that she does. Then move on. Then something else will arise, for example, her: "I don't *WANT* eggs, i want cereal for breakfast!!!! (Stomp whine fuss moan)" you: "we're having eggs and in our family we are thankful for the food that we get. If you can't be kind and thankful to mommy who buys your food, cooks it for you, and works to see that you are healthy and strong. Go sit on your bed and only come out if you can be grateful for eggs and eat them cheerfully." Her: "no! I hate eggs. (Even though she ate them fine last week); I want cereal!!" You: (escorting her to her room) "you may not come out of your room or have any breakfast until you can be kind and thankful for eggs." Her: slips out of her room with a sulky look on her face. You: "nope. Back in your room. You may not come out until..." (Ad nauseum).

You have to be firm and consistent and be stubborn one time longer than she is. Do not let her continue to run and rule and ruin your home like this any longer.
This is all good advice and everything, but it's presuming I don't do anything to correct her. I spend all day correcting her sometimes. She seemingly prefers to spend whole weekends in time out.

I'm trying to figure out how to make her more flexible, more cheerful and just more happy to exist!
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