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Re: Chronically Unhappy 5 Year Old....

Have you been doing positive reinforcement? Earning privileges by not whining or complaining for short periods of time?

I get a lot more out of the boys when I say they have to earn their special toys, tv time, or games. I have a wipe board chart for behaviors we are working on and they get points when I see the good behavior and points removed for the behavior we are trying to change. When they reach a certain # of points they get to do the reward of choice.
Every day starts with 5 points and goes from there. That way you always have some to take away. If they complain about the loss, say they can always earn more right away by not complaining for 1 min. They stop, for even one minute, they get the point. Literally LOL!

For instance I felt like I had to nag-nag-nag all the time for them to do their chores, or I was pulling teeth to get them to focus on finishing school so we could do other things. So, now they earned points for doing chores without asking, and for staying on task with school. Points were removed each time I asked them to do a chore or stay focused. It's been working really well!
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