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Re: Atheist parents?

My husband and I are both atheists and raising our children in a very conservative area. (Rural Alabama). I also homeschool one child, which makes things interesting. Thankfully, I did find a secular homeschooling group in the nearby bigger city, so we aren't completely alone.

We've been away from family since before having children, so though we now living 2.5-5 hours from family, no one thinks how we raise our children is their business.

We run into some slightly uncomfortable things (prayer at PTO meetings, etc). But it's part of the culture I was raised in and I shrug it off pretty easily.

Monday in karate class the teacher asked the kids "Who believes in the power of prayer?" and every child's hand shot up but my girls. I was nervous, but nothing negative was said to them and they didn't seem phased by being different.
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