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Re: Help? Advice? Choosing b/w 12 & 15 passenger vans.

Originally Posted by ~Cricket~ View Post
We've got a GMC Savanna, 12 passenger. I'm 5'7" and find it quite comfortable to ride and drive. DH is 6'4" and he's happy too. I find it handles quite nicely, drives smoothly, and turns quite well, considering it's size. We test drove the 12 passenger Ford and it was a lot more like driving a tank. Much harder to turn and park, IMO, and ride didn't feel as nice.
Infant seats and carseats forward or rear-facing are no problem. Not all the benches have the latch system, but there are still plenty of options.
It's pretty good on gas, and we love the space! Whenever I look in a minivan or suburban now I can only think "Wow, are you guys squished in there!" I can get a stroller or grocery bins in the back no problem. Not tons of space, but enough.
It might not be as "cool" as a suburban, but it's a whole lot more practical and economical! Good luck with your search!

A 12 passenger savanna? I didn't know they had those. Do you install a 4-seat bench after purchase or what? Does it have to be custom done or do some Savannas come as 12-passenger?
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