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My water broke while I was brushing DD's teeth for her nap, about 1:45pm. DH was out running a mountain an hour outside town. He went cause it was my due date and he was sure that my water was going to break if he was unavailable.

Labor hadn't started, so I started brewing concentrated tea with RRL in it and walking the treadmill. Threw diapers in the wash, cleaned a ton... Waited for DH to get home.

Stayed home until 9pm ish and then headed to the hospital an hour away. Contractions were still not regular.

Arrived 8 hrs after my water broke and told them my water had barely broken I was checked and was only a 2.... A bit disheartened, but hopeful.

The kicker: the dr came in for consult and told me the story of an attempted vbac with uterine rupture earlier that week. Lovely. Lovely way to start your vbac. Somehow it didn't really mess with me, although I thought it was insane that she thought it was a good idea to tell me that.

The anesthesiologist came in for consult and told me an epidural was not a possibility due to hardware in my spine. Which was fine as I wasn't interested in medication. But a bit stressful because I knew I had to make the unmedicated vbac work or I'd be put under and miss possibly the first hours of my baby's life. Which the csection with DD always bugged me that I didn't get to hold her first.

Anyways... We walked the halls for a couple hours, although it felt like 30 min to me. And then used the birth ball for a couple hours, still feeling like no time at all. After 4 hours, my doula thought I should get rechecked and I was a 4.

So we went to the tub. Which was the worst labor ever. My doula kept telling me I needed to be checked because of bloody show, but i was afraid of being told i was only like a 5, so i didnt want to. I felt like I had been in the tub like 20-30 minutes max. After an hour in the tub, I got checked and I was a 10. No wonder it sucked!

And to the bed. Pushed 15-20 minutes and there he was. Also, felt like pushing lasted 5 minutes. Everything seemed to be happening super fast to me.

Powerful experience.
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