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Advocacy Tees -- New Designs -- Testing Closed

Thank you to everyone who helped vote

Here are the winners:

Here are the details if you're interested in testing. Right now since I'd like you to get your shirt in a timely manner I'm only looking for testers within the US, so once I ship I know you should be able to get your shirt within a few business days.

Please PM me your testing order in the following format:
DS Username/Zipcode/PP addy
Group - Shirt Type - Size - Color - Design

You Tell 'Em/55555/
Group A - Kids SS - 6 - Pink - The world is my classroom
Group B - Kids SS - 2 - Light Blue - Proud to be born at home

I’ll be invoicing once I get your order. I plan to order the shirts (5/27) after all invoices are paid by Friday, May 24th.

Shirt Style/Size/Colors Available:

Infant Lap
Sizes: (3/6 months, 6/12 months, 12/18 months, 18/24 months)
Colors: Asphalt, Baby Blue, Black, Brown, Grass, Heather Gray, Lavender, Lemon, Light blue, Light Pink, Olive, Pink, Red, White

Kids SS
Sizes: (2, 4, 6)
Colors: Baby Blue, Black, Fuchsia, Grass Green, Heather Gray, Kelly, Lemon, Light Blue, Light Pink, Navy, Olive, Pink, Purple, Red, Slate, White

The following designs will be available for the following groups:

Group A - $15 shipped each
Screen printed transfers - White Ink
As happy as can be, my mommy wears me!
No crib for me - I sleep with my family
Keeping my carbon footprint small
The world is my classroom

Group B - $10 shipped each
Home printer on professional transfer paper - Black ink (can talk about another color ink if you'd prefer)
As happy as can be, my mommy wears me!
No crib for me - I sleep with my family
Newbies for Boobies
Powered by Mama’s Milk - Since “Year” (please specify the year)
Gymnurstics - Toddler Olympics
I’m proud to be born at home
Keeping my carbon footprint small
Changing the World, One Cloth Diaper at a Time
The world is my classroom
Tree hugger by nature

Are you a WAHM crafter looking for an easy way to track inventory and pricing? I <3 using Craftybase!
Looking to add an advocacy design to your own shirt? All screen printed transfers are for sale on my Etsy store!

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