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Demanding baby and frustrated DH

My DD is 6 mo and I have gotten burnt out on co-sleeping cuz she sleeps so restlessly and seems to nurse constantly just cuz I'm there. So I've moved her into her own room, and she sleeps on a twin bed (on the floor) so that I can still nurse her to sleep like she's used to. She demands a pacifier to stay asleep but she's too restless to keep it during her sleep, so she often loses it and wakes up about every hour during the night. So yeah, still not getting my sleep.

DH works about 2 hours away from home and stays with a friend for 3 nights each week. Last night he chose to come home and help so that I could sleep (meaning he set up a mattress next to hers and was prepared to give her back her pacifier every time that she woke up). DD woke up at about 11 and needed to poop, but I didn't know why she was so restless and tried to nurse her back to sleep. She gladly took the milk, but she was still fussy and wide awake. Anyway, after we changed her diaper, DH gave her a bottle since I gave her all my milk already (she already got frustrated that I didn't have enough when she woke up). He ordered me to go to bed and I assume he laid her in her bed with her pacifier and lovey and expected her to go to sleep. She started screaming and, after a couple minutes, I walked in to see him holding her and trying to comfort her. She just wanted me and calmed down as soon as I took her from him. I explained to DH that she needs to be rocked, swayed, and bounced to sleep when she isn't nursed to sleep. I showed him how I get her to sleep and then I handed her over to him and walked out of the room. As I was leaving, she turned her body away from him and was reaching for me. Then she started screaming again, so I had to spend the 1/2 hour getting her to fall asleep and laying her in her bed. Of course, DH got frustrated that he couldn't help. He communicated that he feels DD is too attached to me and that this means I will never be able to leave her with anyone so that I can continue on with my career plans. I am trying to get him to understand that she is only 6 months old and that she needs me and is not at a place where she can calm herself without me. We just have to wait it out...

Can anyone relate? What can I do to help him understand?
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