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Re: Demanding baby and frustrated DH

Thanks ladies! I needed your encouragement.

I think she's a little different with her needs for a pacifier, which I believe is due to a cranial sacral restriction that causes her back pain. It has been about 90% corrected and doesn't bother her enough to allow her therapist to work on her. Anyway, all that to say that her back pain makes it uncomfortable for her to nurse (we've tried many different positions, but nothing is perfect). She has always screamed for a pacifier when I'm out of milk, if she didn't fall asleep. If she did fall asleep nursing, she'll usually wake up in about 5 minutes and wants a pacifier (I try to nurse her first, but she most often refuses me).

Oh, and I always have to nurse her a couple times during the night. She gets as much as I have to give, whenever she wants it.
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