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How to: Fixing the leg elastic on a FB

some of these pics came out a little lousier than others.. I still have the other side to do, so if anyone needs better pics, LMK before I do the other side

** If it matters, for refrence, this is a medium FB. I dont think this really matters, but you never know **

What you need.
- Scissors (sharp is preferred)
- Thread to match your fleece
- Hand sewing needle
- Elastic. I used 1/4" polybraid
- Saftey pin
- diaper to fix

This marks where I usually make my cuts. Do it ever so gently and take care to only cut the fleece. I just usually make a snip and get a small opening. Fleece stretches, so it doesnt have to be huge... but it does need to be the width of the elastic, rather than the length.

After you've saftey pinned the end of the elastic and made your incisions, slip the saftey pin into the hole.

After you've threaded it through, it will look something like this. In these examples I hadn't made my 2nd cut for where the elastic would come out.

Ah, theres my cut for the elastic to come out.

Now is where you need your needle and thread. I start sewing from behind the elastic, so that the tail of the thread can be trimmed off and not exposed on the top side of the diaper. I also tie it off to the tail, then finish stitching it down. Typically, I will start stitching the elastic down to the fleece 1/4" below my cut. This allows for easier closing of the hole.

Now, I cut off the excess of elastic & the saftey pin.. you can see just a tiny bit of elastic exposed now.
Then I sew the hole shut using the 1/4" excess on the elastic side - and stitching it to the other side, and covering up the elastic.


As you can see the diaper is still flat and I haven't tightened my elastic yet.

Now pull the elastic gently as snug as you'd like it. (I think I went a little overboard here, lol) Now you just repeat the same process you did on the other end..

And then you have a finished side!

The whole process usually takes me about 5 minutes. I've been hand sewing as long as I can remember, so most of this is just basic sewing by hand. I prefer it over the machine because I can do it anywhere and I can easily hide my surgical scars. Using a machine you end up stitching through the PUL or having to match the fleece and the pul, blah blah its just not fun. Im a huge fan of simple..

A note on my supplies.. I would recommend a hand sewing needle with a bigger eye.. I couldn't find one so I had to use what I had.. and let me tell you - it was a PITA to thread that thing.

Replacing the back elastic can usually be accomplished in a similar way, I just haven't tested it on more than one diaper.. and the last one I had to replace I ended up just taking all the stitching out along the back and using the machine to stitch the elastic down on each end, then closed it back up. While that only takes 10-15 minutes, ripping out all those stitches was time consuming and annoying...Being a mom of a 1 year old, as many of you can understand, I just don't have that kind of time, patience or focus.

I hope this helps someone!

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