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Re: How to: Fixing the leg elastic on a FB

Originally Posted by Manna00 View Post
Whaddit?!! HOW EASY IS THAT!

Good show, my diaper sista. Man... this will make repairing things SO freakin' much FASTER than removing all of those tiny stitches. ARG!

Thanks so much!
Im glad it helps! I used to be SO intimidated to replace elastic in any diaper, even though I CAN sew, but all my friends started asking if Id fix their diapers.. so I was like "I CANT DO THIS!" then I was suprised at how easy it was!

Any mom can agree - time is precious, don't waste it on things you dont need to ;P

Originally Posted by Manna00 View Post
Okay.. I need to see a "Replacing elastic for dummies"tutorial for the back elastic too.. lol. Maybe it's just been so long since I've seen a "good" diaper I can picture what it's supposed to look like.
I still have one to do! LOL I'll see if I can make the process easier and take some pics for you & Ill get a pic of a new FB, since we still have a few larges we havent gotten into yet that I bought when they DC'd Black.

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