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Re: who has had 4+ c-sections?

I will be having my 5th c/s this summer. I had a c/s in 2007,2008,2009, & 2011 and was given the ok by doc to have more. There is no "rule" that anyone has every told me about the number of c/s allowed. Our hossy doesn't have a policy of a specific number. It's all up to "me" first and foremost, and what my doc. thinks after each c/s secondly. Some women can go on to have lots of c/s with a green light from their docs. either due to their health or a great doc. that doesn't mind not fitting into a this stereotype box or both. Some women aren't advised to due to their health or possibly doc. is just giving a personal opinion that isn't backed up by medical reasons at all :/
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