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Thoughts on loveys?

I have posted before about my youngest, a breastfeeding addict who has not developed other means of self soothing. There are a few reasons why this happened, in the end mostly because I am a single parent to three small kids. Just did what worked!
So, we are trying to gently night wean (had another thread about that) but I continue to nurse when she wants during the day. She is 19 months old.
We are struggling with her inability to self soothe at all. She must have ME if I am present and will only calm for me with nursing. She must nurse to sleep and after any "trauma". She is so sensitive to my whereabouts in relation to hers that sometimes I am stuck on the couch/bed underneath her all afternoon (you would not believe the glass shattering screeches she makes if she should wake up and not have me!) I am personally struggling with this dilemma:
Introduce a "lovey" object to give her similar feelings of safety and security so she can develop healthy self soothing techniques (because I feel at her age it is important to begin learning such things as she gains more independance.)
Or, continue as is and/or use another method to make the both of us pleased with her newly learned self soothing skills. I have run out of ideas on how to accomplish this with her however. My boys had several self soothing habits or techniques we used.

Do you feel that a lovey is a good idea here?
Or am I just going to be distancing myself from her emotional needs doing that? My goal is what makes life more peaceful and pleasant for us both of course! Thoughts please?
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