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For Sale Germany- wood toys, clothing, books more *all prices negotiable*

All prices are fully negotiable I need to do my sons citizenship this month in frankfurt which will cost us 200 euro including travel expenses, so I will happily consider any offers. I need to raise funds <3

I also have tons more not listed let me know what you are looking for and I will take pictures.

I have a bunch more uploaded especially kids clothes. Pics are here:

Need pp funding all prices dropped

Prices are in euros and do not include postage.

Shipping withing Germany:
Maxibrief 2,20
Packchen 4,10
Paket up to 5 kilos 6,90

Pick up possible near emmendingen/freiburg. All items are shippable.

Theraline baby kissen this is to help prevent or shift misshappen baby heads. It does not come with a cover and the company recommends against any covers it is fully washable and breathable safe for newborns you can read more on their website 10,00 *7,00*

Jedes kind kann schlafen lernen new. 5 euro *3,00*

Wooden trapeze 15,00 *12,00*

Chicco baby wippe 18,00 *14,00*

Krabbeldecke 5,00 *4,00*

Baby winter coat size 62 4,00 *3,00*

4,00 *3,00*

new lifesize stuffed animal head for the wall 15,00 *10,00*
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