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Re: Favorite online retailer?

Thinking about this made me realize just how much diaper shopping I do! YIKES! I've shopped LOTS of stores... big and small, US and Canada, good and not as good. Can't say that I have ever had a bad experience. But these 3 stand out as my favorites:
KBTM- Great selection, run nice promos, Tami is very easy to work with and was super helpful with my newborn rental. She ships really quickly too and I usually find a reason to spend enough for free shipping
MSP- Much like KBTM for all of the same reasons. Ran into an issue with inventory being off when I ordered something and they went WAY above and beyond to resolve the issue and actually had KBTM send me the product for them
Jack Be Natural- Found this shop recently and LOVE. Always free shipping and great rewards. They have a nice selection as well. You can use your rewards as you go and don't have to wait to hit a certain points level which is awesome. Also ran into an issue with something not being available and they did a great job taking care of it. Rather than canceling the order they contacted me immediately and we figured out a solution. Super customer service and ship really quick too. And their packaging is super cute too

I am really partial to these small family-run shops. While free diaper promos and other deals are tempting sometimes, I rarely go that route any more in favor of these really great folks who do such an awesome job with their businesses. And even though I love these shops and their great selection, I do still try to frequent my local CD shop. It is very small and has a limited selection- but like the shops above they are a small family-run business so I try to support them whenever I need something that they stock. Just wish more businesses in general were like all of these CD shops!
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