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Yes, this is what I do, too. I like having uniformity, but have found that just won't fly in our family when I need someone else to change the baby...because I use cotton flats and wool covers, which everyone else is afraid of! I have pockets pre stuffed with flats (yes, I hate stuffing, too!!! ) for grandparents, flips (also pre stuffed) for daddy, flats and wool for me. Here is our diaper run-down, which I just wrote out to help myself with our packing (we are moving this week!) because I had several things we weren't using and needed to get rid of...

One size diapers:
16 daytime organic Flips
6 organic ODC bamboo terry squares
26 unbleached cotton Osocozy flats

14 pockets (1 glow bug, 13 cartoon)--the only reason I keep this many is for grandparents keeping baby overnight

One size covers:
2 aplix Flip covers
2 snap Flip covers
2 medium weight aplix wool wraps
2 light weight snap wool wraps

Sized covers:
2 small duo wrap Thirsties covers (one snap, one aplix)
1 small Motherease airflow cover
3 small wool soakers
1 small wool longies
1 medium Motherease airflow cover
1 medium SBish soaker
3 medium wool soakers

Newborn stash:
24 unbleached cotton prefolds
2 NB organic ODC bamboo terry squares
6 unbleached cotton prefold converted fitteds with snaps
5 aplix PUL covers (2 Bummis super brites, 1 super lite, 1 super whisper wrap, 1
3 snap wool wraps (2 Stacinator, 1 Loveybums)

Anyway, hope this helps!!
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