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Which cover is smallest overall? Flip/econobum/sweet pea/diaper safari/capri

I am yet again trying to simplify some things in my stash, and am using some best bottom inserts and capri inserts in covers. Those inserts are more narrow than prefolds for sure so there is a lot of exposed PUL which I don't really care for, but it's not a huge deal. I got some flips in a trade, they seemed absolutely enormous (my son was 4mos at the time) so I traded them again. I got some econobums and they seem better overall, and I just got a capri size 2, which is generous all over but still seems smaller than the flip. I have read good reviews about diaper safari and sweet pea covers (esp. the price compared to capris) but don't want an enormous mass of PUL again, and don't want to keep buying/selling/trading covers

I love Best Bottom covers but the aplix is really scratching his belly, and if the inserts shift the snap is on his privates

Thirsties aren't really working for this kiddo for some reason, they are really puckering down in the front no matter how I adjust the waist, or try a different size.

And if there are any other OS/2 sized covers that you all like, I'm up to trying those as well.

Hope that made sense? Thanks!
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