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Re: GMD seconds up tomorrow!

I got a dozen of the organic unbleached prefolds in every size late last year in preparation for my December squish I found them to only be ok. For whatever reason I could never seem to get them to fit right. Up until my DD was 3 month I preferred my rearz prefolds which are 3x6x3 seeing as I didn't need extra absorbency and I definitely didn't need the extra bulk. When I was ready for the 4x8x4 I found the yellows too short. But in general I find my seconds to be the right width (per the GMD) website but by and large they are too short and I find that missing rise makes them difficult for me to use. From the reds onwards they are pretty much bang on for the provided measurements but DD is still a bit small for them. I can make them work in spinach though. In the meantime I actually really like the fit of my bummis prefolds as I also find the centre strip a bit thick through the crotch of the GMDs.

The one thing I'm glad of is my dozen toddler prefolds. I'm hoping to never use them as diapers but I use them everywhere for diaper free time. On the playmat, the bed, as a changepad. LOVE
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