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Re: Which cover is smallest overall? Flip/econobum/sweet pea/diaper safari/capri

The Flips are wide, but the way I put them on results in almost no shiny PUL touching skin and a nice trim fit. I also use very thin/trim inserts like Thirsties hemp inserts or ALVA 3 layer bamboo.

What I do is lay the insert in and make sure it is centered. Then to put the diaper on, you take the sides of the cover and pull them in almost touching making the edge of the Flip cover fit in the underwear line (like putting on a gdiaper). This makes the cover fold around the insert, keeps the PUL off the baby's bottom, and makes for a super trim and leak proof fit.

I've had times when my baby was in her diaper much longer than should have been (fell asleep right before I was going to change her). When I went to changer her, the insert was over saturated and there were droplets on the insides of the cover, but no leaks!

GroVias leak around the legs, I don't care for the gussets on the Capri or Thristies, and the Diaper Safari while it fits nicely, the PUL didn't hold up for me. Oh, I do like Econobum covers! I use them just like I use the Flips. They work nicely, but the tabs do stick out a bit.
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