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Re: Britax Parkway SG or SGL? Or other lightweight booster?

It doesn't matter what brand, a belt positioning booster seat is not an appropriate seat for a child under 4. They just don't have the bone maturity for the seat belt to properly protect them. They also don't have the emotional maturity to stay in position. The Britax boosters also have a minimum age of 4.

As far as "generally known to be safe" seats, ALL seats on the market are generally known to be safe when properly used. They all pass the same testing. Some seats have better convenience features, better marketing, or better urban legends following them around and those things do not make them safer.

Lighter weight options for a harnessed seat for your DS would be:

Safety 1st Go 8 lbs - this seat could be a really good fit for your situation. It does require a top tether and the install is MUCH easier if you use the lower LATCH anchors instead of the seat belt to install. There is a tech on that is trying to sell one for $100 (I think)

Evenflo SecureKid 300/400 12.4 lbs can be found for under $150.

Evenflo SureRide 9 lbs - this seat is a convertible but it has higher top slots than any other seat other than the Frontier and can be found for under $100

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