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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

I don't mean this in a bad way but....

You cannot change them - you can only change yourself. So if you like the doc, and generally are happy with the practice then learn to just ignore or answer the new assistant as you see fit. An email, letter, etc isn't going to do anything IMO but draw MORE attention to you and your family and not in a positive way.

Peds are underpaid and overworked and they want to help children. They don't want to deal with "unique parents"..... I'm not saying you are that parent, but rather that making a big deal out of some verbal advice isn't what i would do.

I have a ped who "tolerates" my stance on delayed vaxing (we start at 2 and they get all of the required shots for PS by age 5 when they start K).... but he also feels the need to tell me WHY he feels as a medical professional that i SHOULD vax my kids in their infancy. He isn't trying to be mean, rude, or hurt my feelings and in turn when i tell him i appreciate his input, i mean it. He is doing what he feels is going to keep my children healthy and that's precisely WHY i take them to him. I trust him to care for my kids. If i got all hurt and huffy everytime one of his new assistants and even his NP's tried to tell me how i should be doing x, y, z i would be constantly heckling him

Just let it be mama - I'm sure he nor his helper even remembered the interaction the next day whereas you are letting it rock your world.

Officially in "mourning".... and
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