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Re: Britax Parkway SG or SGL? Or other lightweight booster?

Originally Posted by ssand23 View Post
Thank you! Those sound like much better options. I wasn't thrilled about going harness free. Amazon has the Evenflo SecureKid 300 for $99.99!

I don't know if all the cars we will ride in will have the tether or one that we can access. I know our car does but is that a standard option in all cars? The car that picked us up last week seemed to be about 10 years old.

I am going to get some more specific measurements on ds when he is home from school later. He has a very long torso and shorter legs and I know that can make a difference with car seats. I am also going to see what we can find in local stores for him to try out. Buy Buy Baby and BRU have options to test the seats in the store (they have the fake back seat so you can buckle it in yourself) and that would be the biggest help for him so we don't get stuck in the car for a few hours with him getting upset that the seat is uncomfortable. And really would help me too with practicing the install. I need to be able to install these seats in a minute or two with ds next to me in a stroller.
Top tethers are part of the LATCH system and are required in all vehicles manufactured past 2002. Some older cars have them as well, as it was well known it was going to *eventually* be required, but definitely all 2002 and later ones have them. It may be a bit of a lark to find them, and not all seating placements will necessarily have one, but there will be at least one and usually at least two in the vehicle. The Go is an odd bird that it requires it, most seats do not, and it's an optional in the US to use it at all. In Canada it's law that we must use the top tether.
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