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Possible Pre-E? What to ask?

I will be 40 weeks on Saturday and today at my appt I had some pre-e signs so my midwife ran some tests. I had gained 6lbs in a week (not overeating, in fact it has been hard to keep food down), I'm swelling (but I don't think much more than usual), I had a BP which was getting close to pre-e BP I guess (134/83 I think it was), and this week I had floaters/lights in my vision.

Being that I was going to deliver with a midwife in a birth center if my tests come back as pre-e I will be in the hospital to deliver. I'm not too concerned about that at all. Honestly I'm just happy to be having a healthy baby and want to do what is best. Besides, I baked her this long so I'm pretty darn proud. I don't know much about pre-e so when I came home I did a little of my own research. I want to make sure I go into this with all my questions ready if I need them.

What would be some things I should ask about all that is going on? What should I be expecting if you have experience with this? Oh, and I read that it is an issue with the placenta so does that mean no more placental encapsulation? Please help me figure out everything I may want to ask because I really want to be prepared if the worst case scenario comes up! Thank you ladies.
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