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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

I delayed vac with my boys (over 2 done by 5, but all vac were done through the health dept.). I still took them to the well child checks. Now they are at the age that unless we wanted the flu vac (I don't) we would go to a well child check-up. I had issues with several dr b/c at the time my family practice dr's nurse was a piece of work. I've switched dr for both of us now and we have no issues.

But I'm thinking of email the ped b/c ds2 (8) bp was high at his allergy testing this week. I get that it was a new place and all and he was apprehensive about the shots. But her nurse failed to take his bp the week before when we were having a rash looked at, so I really have no base.
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