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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

In your situation I would either:

A: Nod and ignore as pp said and "forget" the well visits when asked


B: Check around if you can find another no vax dr FIRST and then see what stance they have on well visits.....if you can find both, then move. If you have a hard time finding one then you might need to do a few well visits now and then.

My stance is that the Dr can do what they want to do really. Even though it might not go with your/others beliefs, it's their practice and if a patient doesn't like their methods then they should go elsewhere. I just don't think it's a good match.

It's hard as I've had a super conservative ped....but she was fine with delay vax(not non vax, wouldn't accept non vax patients). Then I've had a more laid back ped, but he was a stickler to vax schedule. I just "ooops" showed up a few months late, I forgot.....and he was fine with this. I was supposed to go 3 months ago for mmr, but have onto ped #3.

Oh, he was actually a family practioner. As said a little more laid back in general stuff.

I'm not sure if the growth charting would be enough to satisfy them as a lot of those well visits are about developmental and following patterns/issues....keeping a watch on things. While most visits are boring as heck and standard....I've also had a few surprising moments of "really??" throughout the years.

It's probably easier to sort it out now than later though. I'm dreading doing the whole intro to our new(when I find one) ped/dr
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