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Originally Posted by Leiiki
I would look into whether your local humane society or a parenting group offers a pet-adjustment class. There's one here that is really well done and helped my friend get her very spoiled "only child" ready to be a doggie big sister.

I wouldn't have them in the car when you come home, I would have your DH bring a blanket smelling of you and baby to the house, let them get used to that, and then slowly introduce them in person.

I will warn you: be prepared to make major adjustments if they aren't accepting - some dogs are not able to cope and you might need to decide whether they need to have professional obedience training, become outdoor dogs or even find a new home without children.
Thanks!! My older dog is good with kids so I'm hoping she will adjust well. The younger one is still a puppy (6 months) and is very well behaved. I'm hoping I won't have to make any hard choices!
I will ask my humane society, but I doubt they will have anything.
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