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We had a no dog zone. Essentially the dogs cannot go in living room which is where we can the be more relaxed about what dd is doing. Dogs are great with her but she is constantly trying to feed them etc and our general rule is no matter how great they are never alone in a room together. Gating off the living room was also super helpful for when we first came home we could put her is the swing etc and control the interactions. We also did the the blanket thing and we we got home the dogs did not seem surprised to see her and mostly seemed pretty unimpressed. Babies are pretty boring to them I think. They mostly wanted to smell her, lick her head and walk away.

That said, my older dog was super weird when whenever anyone besides us would touch her (he would be right at their feet staring or circling the whole time) so having the living room where people would hold her and the dogs were not there was good. I know he was just being over protective but he is a big dog and I knew he was making people nervous. It passed quickly though, I think the more she was held by others he just became used to it and he could still see through the gate.

Sorry for the novel, in short, setting boundaries etc. seems like the most important things, but once the baby gets older it is harder to control as she now seeks them out poor dogs are constantly scolded for begging by the high chair while she is reaching out to them with food in her hand everytime they actually walk away or lay down I am worried it could get even harder with walking but honestly the coming home newborn stage was pretty easy. In a few days they decided she was one of us and seemed pretty indifferent. I have two medium/big mixed breeds, one is mostly German Shepard and the other pitbull for size reference.
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