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Re: Introducing baby to dogs

We had/have a lab. She was very clingy to me while pregnant, laying with her head on my belly. to help her adjust to the new baby I had my DH bring home a blanket the baby had been swaddled in that had the new baby's sent. He let the dog sniff it.

We introduced the baby to our dog right away. Let the dog sniff the baby and all was good. We made sure to make time with the dog too. Like if we were just watching TV the dog would either lay on the couch with me and the baby or sit on the floor. I would make sure to praise her often for being gentle/good dog.

Our dog was pretty protective of our first baby. When new people would come over and hold the baby, she was right beside them.

She had her kennel in the living room where she could do lay down if she wanted to.

We haven't had any issues. Baby #3 is 7 months old. Our lab is now 7 years old. I have some great pictures.

This is what we did the first few days at home. Please excuse the horrible pic of me.
wife and mom-- no other special labels. Just trying to do the best I can.

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