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Re: Biking During Pregnancy, Yes or No?

It looks like you're ok to bike in the first and second trimester. Just remember as you get bigger your center of gravity changes.

Which sports are not recommended?

Sports where you might have a hard fall or be thrown off-balance are not a good idea. These include horse-riding, skiing, gymnastics and waterskiing. Diving is also unsafe during pregnancy. Ball sports such as football, tennis and squash are also risky, because you may be hit in the stomach.

Most doctors and midwives recommend giving up cycling on the road after the second trimester. Even if you're an experienced cyclist, there's a danger you'll fall or be knocked off your bike. You can, however, use an exercise bike throughout pregnancy.

I'd double check with your midwife but a leisurely bike ride on a country road should be ok. Make sure your bike is in good shape and the tires are filled.
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