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Re: When can you safely booster train?

You could do what I did. I left the harness in DD1's nauti, and for short trips, I let her use it as a booster. As she got used to it and I saw that she was handling it better, I started letting her go on longer and longer trips until I finally felt confident that she was handling it well enough to pull the harness out of the nauti. And I had to really feel confident because pulling that crotch buckle out is an enormous PITA.

ETA: He's 4, if you feel he has the maturity to sit still then sure. If you try it and feel he's not ready, its pretty easy to put him back in the harness. Most kids aren't ready till more like 5 or 6, but just like there are some kids who aren't ready until a little later, there will be some who can handle it at 4.

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