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Re: Is a short LP a problem if you're not ttc?

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
It means you have either low progesterone or are not ovulating very strong. It really is not an issue if you are not TTCing. It could be a problem later if you want more kiddos, but I honestly would not worry about it now. I also had LP issues for quite some time. It was only a problem for getting and staying pregnant.
I'm not really sure what you mean by strong ovulation, could you clarify?

I have a cycle that is between 27 and 31 days. 31 days was my longest and only happened once, they tend to be 27 and 28 days long. anyway, i ovulate around day 18, which sucks. I had some blood testing done due to some other issues i was having (i literally had everything tested,) and my hormones seemed normal? but i wasn't 100% sure how to interpret them...

this test was done on day 22 of my cycle.

serum testosterone 36, free testosterone .5, dhea-sulfate 197.2, estradiol 108, progesterone 8.8

I have a sticky/creamy BIP and my CM doesn't get very wet feeling when I O. i just gets clearer. and my BIP CM sometimes stretches but is always white.

Not sure what to even think lol.
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