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Re: When can you safely booster train?

It really depends on your kiddo. My kids are hyper. DD started at 5 because her school field trip would not allow harnessed seats, and I couldn't drive her that day. I wanted to make sure she would be safe for the trip, so we started about 2 weeks before (when I found out no convertible seats were allowed due to installation liabilities and time constraints). We put both a TurboHBB and her Frontier in the 3rd row of my van. If she sat nice, she stayed in the booster. If she couldn't get the belt done herself, or she didn't sit nice, she went back in the Frontier (which she could get herself in and out of). It took about 6 months til she went in the HBB full time.

DS is 4, and 35 pounds, a NOWHERE NEAR ready to booster train. He can't keep his hands to himself at all. He will probably be 6 at the earliest.
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