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Re: who has had 4+ c-sections?

Originally Posted by daniele_ut View Post
Sorry, I didn't meant to leave you without an answer for so long! It was a crazy week here. I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa and suspected accreta at my routine anatomy scan at 1 day shy of 19 weeks. I had a pelvic MRI at 28 weeks that was inconclusive. There was no sign of percreta but they couldn't rule out accreta so we proceeded as though it was in fact accreta. That was the most frustrating part, not really knowing for certain. The c-hyst was definitely the correct choice, though, as pathology confirmed that it was placenta increta.
My doc has had to preform 4 hyst on placenta accretas. All 4+ c/s mamas (2 being the 4th one). He said that the first one was when he was young and he didn't do it and get it under control until the mom lost quite a bit of blood and had to have a # of transfusions and it was so scary). Then the other times he was more experienced and knew what he was seeing and there wasn't a blood loss problem. It makes me feel better (his experience), but that doesn't help the pregnancy part! were you scared to even move during pregnancy? How did it work with little ones to care for? Did you all just make it work?
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