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Re: who has had 4+ c-sections?

Originally Posted by mabelinoad View Post
I didn't read responses...but I had a successful VBA2C. Birth story is in my siggy. It took several doctors to find someone who was willing to go along with my plan. But for us, it was VERY important...because we wanted many kids and knew that most wanted you to stop at 3 csections. My vba2c friendly doc told me a story of a woman on her 5 csection and he could easily see the baby through her "closed" uterus. Super scary.
This is called a uterine window...I believe...meaning the doc can see the baby through the thinning of the uterus and doesn't need a knife or anything to cut that section of the uterus or there could even be a small hole there. That being said - it is more common in women with a history or C/S's, but does also happen to mamas who have had multiple pregnancies with vaginal births, just no one knows b/c they aren't opened up and examined. Also, just because you have a uterine window with one pregnancy doesn't mean you will have it with the next (even if it is a multiple C/S case). I had it with my 4th...they will do an U/S at 36 weeks to see what my uterus looks like as far as thinning with my now 5th...also the biggest risk if you do have a uterine window is that you would go into labor and the contractions would cause that area to try to rupture...they can easily check your amniotic fluid levels to show signs of this too . Just FYI what I've learned by asking lots of questions .
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