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Re: Noise cancelling headphones for a child

Thank you so much! And thank you for the photos as well. That is a big help!

We live in an area that is due to the big cicada invasion soon and those bugs are so loud. I am concerned that it will be scary for my 2 sensory kids to go outside or even have the windows open. I also use a Blendtec blender to mix ds's medical liquid diet and the sound of the blender really frightens them both. Before I turn the blender on, I have to make a "I'm about to use the blender" announcement so they can leave the kitchen and even leave the living room next to the kitchen. My 10 year old is also scared by sounds ranging from the washing machine to cars driving by. I'm thinking she may feel comforted to have the headphones to grab at her leisure. And if my 10 year old is using them, that will make them cool to my 3 year old so he'll feel more comfortable to use his, too.
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