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Re: Second Wives Club

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
Thank you! I CAN NOT volunteer my DH's job requires someone (who ends up being me) to be available for childcare 24/7 365 because he doesn't know when he will have to run out the door. I CAN'T say "sorry hun you can't go work overtime today because I'm lunching" lol. BUT if you can send me this magical free childcare for my 5 children, 2 with exceptional needs - then I would LOVE to work on my "just incase I decide to call it quits I better keep the back door open because maybe one day DH will be a douche or I'll get bored plan".

People keep bringing up what happens if DH dies or looses his job... we have savings, we have disability insurance, we have life insurance - if he decides to up and leave one day - I have insurance for that too - It's CALLED ALIMONY!
Now I'm on page 20 and see how far this has come but still need to say: WORD........see you on page 38
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