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Re: Second Wives Club

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
Well, I personally did most of my school work while the kids were sleeping.

I stopped knitting for sale when I went back to school. But, by that point I had figured out that selling my knitting was really only making enough to fuel my personal knitting. I also babysat a friend's children part time while I was in school. I stooped when my courses had to be taken in class. But when I was doing nonlinear coursework, babysitting didn't interfere.

Well, if you won't use it, then I abssolutely wouldn't add to debt to get a degree.

My way won't work for everyone. But there are lots of other ways to go about ensuring that you could be financially independent if you needed to be. Just as one example, I don't make a good entrepreneur. I have tried it. Not my thing. I lost a bundle learning that lesson. But, some people are.
Exactly. Why did you then try and convince us with so many posts that it would?

I do agree with your basic premise that a woman should be independent financially. I just don't think it is always that easy to do. Every country I have lived in prior to America there was a social structure that made it easier for women to be in the workforce (admittedly it depended on your economical class in some of those - so I'm talking middle class here).

In England, they had training courses to get people back to work that included free day care for mothers who attended these courses. While I was living there I got free software courses (word, excel etc.) I also got an incredibly expensive course for free that launched my career. There were many mothers getting back to work who took that course with me.

In South Africa and Thailand domestic help and nannies are inexpensive enough so that we would have been able to afford one on my husband's salary (the former is a bit more expensive now than when I was growing up so the same problems are emerging there now for mothers struggling to get back to work).

So, I see this as just the way the US works. It does not want to spend a lot of money on getting their people educated and back to work. It tries to shove as much responsibility on individuals. So, when a mother is out of luck at the end of a divorce, they'd rather have the husband pay alimony than have structures in place to have that woman get back to, or stay in the workforce.
Decided to close my ETSY store because of CPSA regulations that I was not aware of when I started out.
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