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Re: Second Wives Club

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
I hate text speak. Don't know how to do it. I do have time to type inbetween inturruptions. However I am generally not expected to retain most of this. That doesn't mean I will retain most of what I am trying to learn with constant interruptions. In fact I rarely can remember what side of an arguement someone on here is on simply because it just doesn't stick. In 2 days I will not know or which side of this you are on or really if you even posted here. On here that just doesn't really matter. Schooling, however, has to stick or it is just a waste of time. Someday, believe it or not, I would absolutely love to go back to school. That day is just not today. When my youngest is older perhaps. Right now though it just isn't possible. Most of those I worked with in fast food have now moved on. It isn't the same as when in school and all are doing the same as you are doing.

As for responding as though it was directed at me, well you did quote me in the part I responded to.

She is basically dissing you for spending a lot of time on DS as per her previous and subsequent post. Saying you "should" be furthering your career/education instead of this. I suspect like many moms here this is one of your only outlets and interactions so don't let her bother you.

Originally Posted by soonerfan View Post
Ok, you win. There is zero possible way for you to do anything other than take care of your kids right now. The time you spend on DS is not indicative of time that could be used in any other way, should you choose to. You have no way at all in this universe to do something that might even be slightly related to an outside job--no time, energy, retention, books to read, relationships to foster, zip for anything that connects to the workforce.

Good luck! Hopefully someone else read something they are able to use if they see value in maintaining a connection to the other working world while they are doing the very important work of raising kids--I know the steps I took were vital in allowing me to easily transition back when it was time to work outside the home once again. seriously just need to back off. She doesn't want to do this at this particular time. Who knows.....maybe she has a needy baby that takes up a lot of time nursing 10 times a day. Maybe she is mentally exhausted from that and her other kids. You are now giving her a hard time for spending time on DS. You did not read her previous posts obviously. She said she would love to go back to the workforce in the future. Just not right now.

Networking and keeping in touch works for some people( I keep in touch with select previous co workers). But some coworkers you do NOT want to keep in touch with. From her previous comments of work experience I gather that it's not worth it to keep in touch with SOME of those people. I also believe she mentioned she keeps in touch with others.....although that could be someone else

Maybe in one year she might say....hmmm, I'd really like to do xyz class.....but as she said before....not right now.........
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