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Originally Posted by soonerfan View Post

Ok, you win. There is zero possible way for you to do anything other than take care of your kids right now. The time you spend on DS is not indicative of time that could be used in any other way, should you choose to. You have no way at all in this universe to do something that might even be slightly related to an outside job--no time, energy, retention, books to read, relationships to foster, zip for anything that connects to the workforce.

Good luck! Hopefully someone else read something they are able to use if they see value in maintaining a connection to the other working world while they are doing the very important work of raising kids--I know the steps I took were vital in allowing me to easily transition back when it was time to work outside the home once again.
This is so uncalled for, rude and totally not helpful. How dare you be so jusgemental and condescending. Being on a social board takes a lot less concentration than taking online classes. some ppl absolutely cannot retain knowledge via online classes. It is actually a very small number of ppl above age 30 because they never had to learn that way.

back off!

Eta add that some ppl just dont have the social skills,.time or energy to take away from their family to do things just like you.

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