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Thankfully, I haven't been in the position where I've needed to consider it. Now, I have recently been watching our budget a lot closer as I am now a SAHM.

The other day, I made enchiladas. There were more than enough for one meal in the pan, but not quite enough for two meals if I let everyone just have at it. So I told everyone what their limit was and then after that they could have more rice/beans/salad. While we probably all would have eaten a little more, no one left the table hungry. Just not disgustingly stuffed.

Before I started sacrificing food leaving anyone in the family actually hungry, I would try anything else. Do you ever throw food away? Any leftover veggies, I put in a gallon ziploc in the freezer, even if its just a tiny amount. When I can get some beef stew meat on sale, I make a big pot of beef and veggie stew.

Do you buy all organic? Maybe just switch to the dirty dozen.

Do you meal plan based on what you want or what is on sale? Follow the sale paper! When things you use often that are non perishable or can be frozen go on sale, stock up! Pasta was on sale at our local store this week. With my coupon, it was free. What they had left wasn't my favorite shape, but who cares really.

I'm mobile so not sure where you are, but check and see if there is a Bountiful Baskets in your area. If you're picky this won't help, but you can get a ton of fruits and veggies that way for cheap. And it helped us expand our palates.
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