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Originally Posted by wordbox View Post

Yes, unfortunately some do feel this way.

I've encountered acquaintances on facebook who have said things like, "I wish I was rich so I could stay home and just play with my kid(s) all day." Because it's so easy, and everyone who does it is rich. I think things like that (which I've heard multiple times) are sometimes just said because someone is sick of working or whatever. But sometimes it does come off in a snarky way. I also know a few people that "can't" stay home but most likely could if they cut back on some things and lived a bit more modestly.

That said, I know some WOHMs that have felt judged by SAHMs, or by other people. My old coworker was almost in tears one day when someone told another woman (who had quit there a few years prior to stay home with their kids) how nice it was that she was staying home "instead of having someone else raise your kids."

The mommy wars are ugly. No matter what you do, someone will think you are wrong. That's why I truly just do my best to just remember to focus on myself and my family, but people can be very rude or obnoxious or hurtful (whether they intend to or not).
Yep. I have, my views. My view for me is that I didn't have babies, to put them in day care at six-twelve weeks of age. That's me. I am an advocate for our country finding a way to allow at.least one parent stay home for the first year of a childs life . That's my personal opinion but what is good for me may not good for another and I'm old enough to understand that and rejoice in their successes.
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