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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for more: May/June

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post
Carrie- How are you doing? Everything still on track to gt good news Tuesday?

Anyone else have anything going on?

Not much here. If the meds work I should O next week. Problem? Dh broke his jaw on Friday night and is in a lot of pain. We'll see how it goes this week. We may be out this month either way.
Turkey Baster? We did that a few times when the flu hit during O time

Originally Posted by Hope4More View Post
Doctor put me on 200mg of prometrium starting cd3 again (yesterday) to hold off my lining until she can get a saline sonohystogram in on June 6. I guess when she said call in on cd 1/2 and we'll get you in for cd 6-12, she really didnt mean it, cuz that would be this Wednesday (as in, May 29) and her first available was June 27. "Will that work for me? We'll just put you on bcp for a cycle." You're evaluating me for a possible blood clotting disorder, and you want to put me on the pill, which is KNOWN for causing clots???? Incompetence at its finest right there, folks.

Soryr fro typos. Setn by iPhone.
Wow, that is insane.

AFM, I'm 11 weeks. I am starting to relax a little but I still worry a lot. I probably will the whole way through. I have my 12 week appointment on Friday and I'm pretty nervous, I wish it included an ultrasound but I think hearing the heartbeat will be reassurance enough. Every time we do anything to prepare for this baby I have a mini panic attack, but I'm almost through the first trimester so hopefully all will be well.
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