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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for more: May/June

Originally Posted by amyltc View Post
Turkey Baster? We did that a few times when the flu hit during O time

Wow, that is insane.

AFM, I'm 11 weeks. I am starting to relax a little but I still worry a lot. I probably will the whole way through. I have my 12 week appointment on Friday and I'm pretty nervous, I wish it included an ultrasound but I think hearing the heartbeat will be reassurance enough. Every time we do anything to prepare for this baby I have a mini panic attack, but I'm almost through the first trimester so hopefully all will be well.
I appreciate the laugh!! He's feeling surprisingly better today. His jaws seems to have shifted some so he's not in as much pain. It was super off center. He could bite down and then stick his tongue out the side of his mouth. His mom gave him some rub stuff from doterra and it really relaxed it and it shifted back into place. He's still swollen and hurts but is at least up and around now. He's also still taking lots of pain killers, but hey at least he isn't laying in bed moaning any more. He actually got up to run over to a yard sale I saw online this morning because they have some flat nosed shovels and ours broke. So I'm hoping he's feeling enough better. Because, MY OPK IS +++ SOOOO very excited. I know it's not a +BFP, but it's the closest thing I've seen in a while. And it's early enough that I may actually have a long enough LP for it to stick. I can't believe after this many years of trying I still get my hopes up, but I do, I really do. I'm only CD 12 today so that is WAY exciting. I'm excited enough I want to do some sewing! I have tons of bamboo fitteds cut out, I'm wanting to try making some muslin receiving blankets. I only feel like sewing when I'm feeling happy and hopeful so that's a good sign. I actually haven't sewn since my last loss. But even before today I've been feeling like sewing for the last month so I think that means I'm finally feeling happy again. And even if it doesn't work I'm still feeling at peace that whether we have another baby or not it will all be ok.

Amy- as for the worry. You are so close to out of the woods!I'm so excited for you. If you ask for an ultrasound and explain your concerns will you dr. do an ultrasound? Mine did a ton on me. We had a 6,8, and 12 week just because of my history. It might be worth at least asking. I ended up having between 6-8 with my son.

Hope4more- really hope your appt. with the other dr. goes well
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