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Re: Do you eat less to be thrifty/cut grocery bill?

Wow, some really helpful thoughts from all you ladies! Thank you. One thing that seems clear reading through responses and thinking about it, is that I need to think more "big picture". Meaning, plan out all three meals, and two snacks a day. Some of our hangup is from buying food that I think should be enough, but isn't when I haven't adequately planned for all our food intake.

I actually had the same thought on water as Mariana, too. Making sure we stay hydrated throughout the day, and drink water before/during meals will help make sure we eat for hunger and not thirst. Also, I'm not sure how, but I think I also need to encourage dh to eat lunch sooner. He often waits until 3pm to have lunch, so then he's starving, is more likely to overeat, and isn't hungry for dinner. Hmmm... Going to think more about all you guys have posted.
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