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Re: Do you eat less to be thrifty/cut grocery bill?

Have you figured you metabolic rate to find out exactly how much you should be eating? If you run marathons and work out hard daily that's one thing. If your mostly sedentary most days that's another. Age plays a lot too. We used to Be hungry all the time DH would also annihilate a block of cheese in a day(ps: this caught up to him) .....we can't do that anymore. We are in our very early 30's That we have definitely noticed a change in our eating habits.

After we figured out what we should be eating and went through about a week of eating that way I'm not going to lie we felt hungry but got used to it quickly and now we cannot eat huge portions like we used to. On days we are more active of course we add in another snack or side to dinner but other than that we do not change much On a day today basis
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