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Re: Gluten free Vegan - help!!!

I'm vegan and gluten free. I can have eggs but don't eat them often as I'm just not 100% that they actually agree with me (I can also have fish but again, don't do it often). I absolutely cannot have dairy.

I like these sites
anything on her site is great though some are not gluten free. She does use soy so if you are avoiding look closely. Often she offers gluten free options and soy free options. Everything is vegan. Her desserts are awesome and so are her breakfasts. Her sweet potato chili is amazing.
There are a lot of good options here too, again it isn't all vegan but a lot of it is
This website is great, she lists allergy info on her recipe page so you can pick the recipes that work for you or alter them. I've been very happy with the recipes we've used.

For fast meals I usually do salads (just lettuce or spinach, olive oil, nutritional yeast, nori, hemp hearts and cherry tomatoes, avocado if I have it). I also like hummus and veggies, or seeds and dry fruit. I make steel cut oats in the crock pot over night too.
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