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ELEMENTALS Lot: 8 Elementals that are fully functional and ready to wear. Some stains. GUC to EUC. Priced at 30% of retail +Shipping.

KISSALUVS Lot: 6 EUC Kissaluvs fitteds (one in every color they come in), 3 EUC Girly Marvels Fitteds. No stains inside.

SASSAFRAS Lot: 6 EUC Sassafras flats. Custom Rainbow; Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange, Blue. +Free EUC Applix Cover.

FREE FOR SHIPPING Lot: This is an assortment of diapers that need repairs. 3 Elementals without any closure, 6 Little beetle NB/S diapers that need a closure and/or elastic, 1 RaR Ecoposh shell that needs leg elastic, 1 Organic Caboose S fleece cover that needs elastic replaced. You could probably put snaps on the elementals and turn around and sell them for around $20

KIWI PIE Lot: 2 EUC New style,Bottome two SOLD. Ellie has some pinholes on the elastic stitching, this happened during the first wash. Old ones have some small stains that I have not tried to get out on my own.

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